Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 1: Saturday, March 23, 2013

It was a long day for sure, but I'm happy to be here in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada!  Check my location for a map of Halifax and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here's a link to more info about Nova Scotia:

 Arriving at LAX on early Saturday morning (like 600 am early!!)
 Wow! I love airplanes.  I'm sure you have all experienced being on one.  But how do they work? Hey 4th Graders! Do you know?  Mrs. Hall is going to ask you on Monday.  In case you don't know. She is going to share a book with you about them.
 Air Canada!!  Hey 5th Graders, what's with the red leaf?  I see it everywhere!  Since were learning about Biomes, you probably already know.  Click the link below to learn more. 

For 5th grade Monday's Homework:  respond in the "post comment" section. Put your name and class section: Example: Joe B 5T

1) What year did the Maple Leaf go on the Canadian Flag?

 Let learn more about Maple TreesClick the Link:
2) Of all the Maple species, how many are native to North America?

 Mr. Rimlinger in Toronto Airport.

Yea!  My bag made it to Halifax!!!  I need my warm weather gear!

  Okay, remember the whole world use the metric system except the US
Today's temperature high temperature is 2 degrees Celsius, with a low of -3 degrees Celsius!
An easy way to  remember how to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit is the following:

°C to °F Multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32

 So what's the high temp. today in NS?  

To go from Fahrenheit to Celsius, use the following:
°F to °C Deduct 32, then multiply by 5, then divide by 9.

Why is the number 32 involved?

Click here to learn more: Math is Fun!!   

By the way, lots of white stuff on the ground!!!

Tomorrow, I meet the Earthwatch team at the airport, and drive to the research area!    


  1. hey dad how is it going in canada haVE U SEEN ANY PUFFINSB YET

  2. Hi Patrick,
    No Puffins Yet!! But I'm looking hard for them. I did see some Buffleheads and Ruddy Duck this morning.
    Love DAD!

  3. hey dad didnt we see ruddy ducks at the bird reserve

    1. Yes we did! I wonder if any of those are from NS? Love Dad

  4. Hey dad have you seen any Cariobu yet or deer?

    Could you bring somthing home please?

    love you dad i miss you so much come home soon

    1. Mitchell,
      Caribou are on the mainland, up north. I have seen lots of deer track in the snow and two deer standing along the road.
      Love, Dad

  5. Malini 5F
    1) 1965
    2) 13 maple trees

  6. Sophie 5T
    1. 1965
    2. 13 maple trees

  7. Kate M 5F
    Hi Mr.Rimlinger! Is it freezing in Nova Scotia? The answer to question #1 is 1965, although it was not recognized as Canada's arboreal symbol until 1966! That's a long time ago! The answer to question #2 is 13 maple trees! I can't belive there are 150 known maple species! That's a ton! I hope you are having fun and learning a lot at Nova Scotia!

  8. Rowan 5F

    1. 1965
    2. 13 species of trees

  9. John 5T
    1) 1965
    2) 13 Maple trees

  10. Ben 5-T
    1. 1965
    2. 13 different maple trees


  11. maddy s 5-t


    2.13 maple trees