Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 2: March 24, 2013


This is my first full day in Nova Scotia.  I met the rest of the Earthwatch team at the airport.  It was exciting to meet everyone.  There are 9 of us on the team.  6 are teachers from all over the US.  3 are doing Earthwatch as a learning vacation.  This is also the first time we meet Christina and Chris, the two scientists who have been studying animals in Nova Scotia since 2006.   They are doing their research for the University of Oxford.

It was a two-hour drive to Cherry Hill from Halifax.  Nova Scotia is beautiful country with lots of lakes and rivers.  Would love to see it in the summer!!

 Here's where I am staying.  The cottage is 90 years old!

Click on "Location"  below to see where I am now in Nova Scotia.


  1. Hi Mr. Rimlinger!

    We are all glad you made it safely! We are looking forward to hearing more about experience!

    Take care,
    Mrs. Johnson

  2. Hi from 4P,
    Have you seen any interesting animals yet? Did you bring the right clothes to stay warm? will you post pictures of the animals you are studying?

  3. Hi Mr Rimlinger from 4m,
    Darah hopes you discover a new mammal. How are the other scientist and where are they from(Griffin) . How do you like the weather (michael)Hope there are no scary animals(Natalia) Have safe travels and lots of fun(carson, ashley) We all miss you!!!

    1. The scientists are originally from England (Chris) and Germany (Christina). I don't mind the cold weather, as long as you have the right gear!! I miss all of you too!!

  4. Mr. Rimlinger,
    How exciting that you are a "real" scientist working in the field for the week! I can't wait to hear from you on Wednesday! Our 7th graders are going to do a little research on the temperatures in Nova Scotia so please keep reporting on the temperatures throughout the week! Our 8th graders are going to do a little research on the programs that protect large mammals so if you have any insight please let us know!
    I hope you have a wonderful time 3,600 miles or 5,794km away!
    Ms. Leshinsky

    1. Ms. Leshinsky,
      Thanks for checking in. I will ask more about conservation projects.
      Mr. R