Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 5: March 27, 2013

Today’s Temperature in Nova Scotia: High = 3 Celsius, Low = 0 Celsius, Mix of snow and drizzle.

The team and I are excited to find out if we trapped mouse or voles. This morning I put on my “Willies”, also known as Wellingtons, in order to keep my feet warm and dry.

We got to the research site, and we immediately went to collect our traps.  Tim and I felt confident that we would trap a small mammal.  We had to check ten of them.  If the trap door was still open, then no animal.  We walked by our traps: C1a, door open, C2a door open, C3a door open, C4a door open, C5a door open, C6a door open, C7a door open, C8a door open, C9a DOOR CLOSED!!!  Obviously, Tim and I were very excited.  We could wait to show it to Dr. Christina.

Question for HDS Latin students: What is subnivian? What does it have to do with small mammals living in the research site?
Here's a clue to the question above.

Homework for 6th grade:  Tim and I caught a Red-backed Vole.  What is the average weight of a Red-backed Vole?

Watch videos of what we trapped:

Dr. Christina showing us how to weigh a vole using a spring scale.
Dr. Chris Newman answering questions with HDS students during Skype conference.
Tim and I trapped a Vole!!


  1. Hi Mr. Rimlinger I figured out the average weight of a Red-backed vole is about 30 to 40 grams

  2. The comment above is from Corbin Vaicek

  3. Hello Mr. Rimlinger
    I am answering your question about the red backed vole
    The red backed vole weighs from about 30-40grams


    1. Great answer! Right now they are a little lighter because its late winter/early spring and food is scarce.

  4. Hi Mr. Rimlinger!
    How is Nova Scotia? Looks cold! That vole you found is so cute! How many animals have you seen? Do you want to see any specific animal that you haven't seen? Rocky is doing great!
    Have fun!
    -Ella Abbott

    1. So far not many. Spring hasn't begun yet because its been so cold. Many animals are not coming out. So we look for signs of them. Glad Rocky's doing good!

  5. Hi!
    It's Ella Abbott again, the average weight of a Red-backed Vole is 30-40 g!
    Have a good rest of your trip!
    -Ella Abbott